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McRuffy Math

Yesterday my dad came over for some coffee and to drop off his famous chili that Lupe and kids love so much.

As we were sitting having coffee he asked about the children and school particularly about Ethan (his nature boy). I told him we started some phonics (using PR) and are waiting to order his math, so we haven't been doing math. He asked me why haven't I ordered his math yet. I told him I was waiting for payday. I new where this was heading so I tried to brush it off with saying we just need to wait and I tried to change the subject. It didn't work. He asked me where do I normally buy his math from and I said I order everything online. Soon he had me ordering Ethan's math. He told me Ethan, shouldn't have to wait to do math. My dad :) I felt funny taking his money though.

I'm a bit intimidated with the teacher time, so I plan to start McRuffy math as soon as I read the teacher manual. I also sold a few items and ordered Lance's McRuffy Math on the 15th from Christian Books it was the last one they had ( they are now on backorder until July 15th) and the shipping was less expensive than purchasing from McRuffy Press directly. I also ordered Unifix Sudoku. I have so many unifix cubes and other than counting and sorting I don't know what to use them for. I thought this would be a nice way to use them. There were some other unifix stuff but my paypal had only so much dollars.

I had to order McRuffy 1st grade directly from McRuffy Press. I would have preferred ordering from CBD because the shipping is less expensive but they don't carry the current color edition. McRuffy charged $11.00 for shipping. Ouch!

I checked my tracking number for McRuffy K and it's in Dallas. Hopefully it will be here tomorrow.

Now that Ethan & Lance's math have been ordered there's no turning back. We will use McRuffy math this coming year for them. Homeschooling6's top picks for math were Bob Jones, Horizons, MEP and McRuffy. It looks like McRuffy won out. It has everything that I want in a math program and I don't feel like I have to combine it with another program.

One of the main reasons why I chose McRuffy (and I could be wrong about this) it looked the closes to MEP math with a traditional twist. Before I decided on McRuffy, I was going to have to print out MEP Reception Year and Year one and add Horizon Math.

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