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McRuffy Order is On It's Way

My McRuffy order is on it's way. I can't wait! I wanted to let you all know what good customer service McRuffy Press has.

My dad was so kind to purchase Ethan's 1st grade McRuffy Math for me. Two days later he came by the house again for another cup of my famous coffee. Again, he was asking about math but this time it was Brent. Like with Ethan, I informed him that we are waiting until next Friday to order his math. Here we go again. My dad has me on the McRuffy site ordering Brent's 2nd grade math. I double checked with my dad before hitting the submit button to make sure he was all right with spending $70.00. I felt bad though because of the $11.00 shipping charge for both orders. Since we ordered separately he paid $22.00 in shipping.

Today I received an email from McRuffy Press stating that they have refunded $11.00 back to my dad's credit card. I guess they noticed that they had two orders going to the same address and they sent back the $11.00 from the second order. I thought that was very nice and what great customer service.

Although I feel weird with taking my dad's money, I am thankful. It will give me more wiggle room and I can now order Lance's McRuffy Math and Phonics program (maybe even McRuffy science too). I know it really makes my dad happy that he can help with the children's education.

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