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McRuffy Phonics & Reading K (Binder)

Last week I sold three item, so I was able to purchase McRuffy Math and McRuffy Phonics & Reading. Yesterday the Math came and today I received the Phonics & Reading program. I'll add some pictures soon.

Laurie asked me about the binders that I am using to organize my McRuffy math. I purchased them from ACE School of Tomorrow for $3.30 each, plus shipping. I think I paid tax too but can't remember. Another blogger wrote about her binder and I like the pouch in the back. At the time I was using them for the Progeny Press Guides and liked the pouch to hold the book, so everything was in one binder. The Notebook I guess is what it's technically called is about 1 inch. Perfect for my McRuffy Resource stuff.

Well off to look at McRuffy Phonics & Reading.


  1. Thanks for sharing all your curricula plans and updates. I've enjoyed seeing the different math that you shared. I hope that you find relief with your new air conditioners. I have a really low tolerance for heat and so I can sympathize when it gets to hot & miserable.

    Have a lovely day,

  2. Same here. Heat and I do not get a long :)

  3. Thanks for answering my question. My hubby was in town today and picked up some binders and binder inserts from Office Max that he thought might work, so I will be working on organizing my McRuffy stuff this weekend.

  4. Laurie, your welcome :) With The Phonics & Reading I'm using a regular binder. I do miss the pocket in the back to hold my game pieces though. I do plan to purchase some binder inserts that have the folder. They are plastic and different colors. I can't think of them right now.
    Have fun organizing :o)


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