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Memorial Weekend

Sunday was a busy day for my husband. He help lay cement in the back apartment bathroom, working in the 90 degrees heat. He missed church because the cement guy was coming early to get started. When Lupe, picked the kids and I up from church he was dripping sweat. Poor guy. We went through the drive-thru and picked up some McDonalds for lunch and took it home. I told Lupe, that the cement guy is welcome to eat in the kitchen where it is cool but my Sweets said that their shoes are dirty and they can handle eating out in the shade. I felt guilty about being in the house nice and cool. My dear hubby is so sweet to me, he said it was his job and mine was to stay cool in the house and take care of the kids. Lupe, makes me smile.

Later, Lupe had to go to Home Depot to pick up a few things. He surprised us with dinner when he got back. I was just about to make chicken sandwiches for everyone.

Here is a picture of our Chicken Express feast. I even let everyone eat in the living room.

Everybody relaxing. Uh, in  front of the television. Hee, hee.


Ethan and Lance playing nicely with their book they purchased from Half Price Books on Saturday. After 20 minutes they were done. Lance, ran off crying. He said, Ethan hit him because he wanted one of the pieces.

The book has a pop-up page and it has pieces that the kids can play with.

Brent, came in from helping dad outside. I'm not sure if his hair is standing up because of sweat or water. Wonder what Ethan is looking at.

My dad and brother came over for Memorial Day. My dad's back, neck and even his mouth hurt. He is sleeping on a twin bed and it's SO uncomfortable for my him. My dad is a big guy and that bed is way too small. It's been bothering him for a while now. Every time he comes over he is in pain. I told him to take my brothers queen size bed and have my brother use his until he can purchase a full size for himself. My dad is too nice. He won't take my brothers comfort away.

Lupe, purchased a BBQ so we could make burgers outside.

Here is a picture of our yard.

The kids really worked hard today. They enjoy working outside with their dad. Lupe, is trying to level out the ground.

Annette, Brent and Caleb

Here comes Joshua. They were taking turns with the digging. The dirt was put into a wheelbarrow (did I spell that right) and they walked it over to the church. When the kids are running around at church they sometimes step in a pot-hole. This slows them down when they are trying to keep up in their Cadet class.

That was our Memorial Weekend. I was really tired today. I felt bad being so tired when my dad was here. He's so nice, bringing the kids Spanish bread. I tell ya, the kids are going to gain weight. Lupe, didn't know that my dad brought Spanish bread/pastries and he surprised the kids with donuts.
My children have been having lots of sweets lately.


  1. It looks like you had a busy, but great time! Are you fully moved in already?


  2. Just about. I still need to put things away and the back house still has stuff. I have donated all I can, I think ;) Some of it will go to storage.

  3. Wow, looks like you guys had an eventful weekend. And that Chicken Express Feast looks yummy. I don't think I've ever been there...hmmm, something to try when I venture your way again. :)


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