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More on Dynamic Phonics Learning Book

Today I had Ethan, Brent and Caleb read through the lessons to find out where to place them in the Dynamic Phonics Learning Book. I'm not really sure how I'm suppose to find out. I asked on the YahooGroup but nobody answered.

What I'm doing is having the children read through a drill chart. If they can read it fluently continue on until they hit a wall.

Dynamic Phonics consist of 98 lessons. It's three grades worth of phonic lessons. What would be considered Kindergarten level are lessons 1-32. 1st grade levels would be lessons 33-80. 2nd grade level would be lessons 81-98. These levels corresponds with the McRuffy Phonics & Reading program. Although Dynamic Phonics can be used as a stand-alone phonics program.

Each lesson can can take a day or up to a week, depending on where your child is at. For Lance it would take a week. Ethan, would be a few days to maybe a week. Brent and Caleb more like a day. They are older and can decode at a 4th grade level but I'm working on fluency with them.

Ethan will start with lesson 8. He still reading cvc words (sip, tin, bit).

Brent only read a few pages, so tomorrow I'll have him read more. He stopped reading at lesson 11 but I know he can read further. Here is a picture of where he stopped.

Caleb, will start with lesson 46. I stopped him at the contractions page. Here is a picture of where he stopped.

It looks like lessons 48-53 are blends (slump, slack,blush, flash) so I'm sure Caleb will go quickly through those lessons. Lesson 54 had the suffixes ed & ing, so we may take a few days on that one. Lessons 55-62 are more blends. Lesson 63 starts with the vowel blend of 'ow' saying it long sound. I think he can continue to progress pretty quickly and then slow down again around lesson 83.

We will work through the summer on building reading fluency with Caleb & Brent.  Continue to drill our Phonics Road phonograms and I'll dictate words & sentences as well.

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