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More Pictures of McRuffy K

I put McRuffy K in a binder, so of course I took pictures.

Front inside of the binder. On the left are the laminated mats, games and posters. On the right are the blackline masters.

Blackline masters

Sample page of the Teacher Manual. Love that it's scripted and has you ask lots of questions. It really helps to flesh out the lesson, so the child understands.

(click to enlarge)

Back of the binder. The pocket holds game pieces. The left side shows a number line and blackmaster of a Geoboard.

Close-up of the pocket.

The teacher manual. The TM does not fit in the binder. It just happen to be the place where I took the picture.

Since we are on the subject of Lance, here is a picture of him cutting a rainbow.

His rainbow.

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  1. Linda,
    Where did you find your binders? Are they a special kind? The pocket looks different than any I've seen before.


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