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On the Home Front

I thought moving from the back house to the front house was going to be easy. Um, I was wrong. It's the same as moving across town. Hee, hee. Here is what I thought. Pack a box, carry it to the front house, unpack and put away items, pick up empty box, walk back and fill the box again, at the end of the day everything is put away, no mess. I have to laugh at myself. To think I thought it was that easy!

The back house (the place we are leaving) still has so much stuff and I'm wondering where are we going to put it. The front house (the place we are moving into) is so nice right now. Not so mush STUFF!!! I don't want to bring anything else in.

When we moved from our 3,500 sft. house to the back house (700sf) we put stuff in storage and have gradually given away over a fourth of our stuff. Now moving from our 700sf. apartment to the front house which is 1,200sf. we again have given tons of stuff away and we still have stuff. You would think we are constantly purchasing thing but we don't. We haven't been to a mall in over a year, last time we were in Target (before yesterday) was I don't know when. So, where does it come from, who knows.


I guess I'm a major wimp because our camping trip whooped me as they say. I came back and am still exhausted. Can't believe it. I did start taking my SuperMom Vitamins and Bee Pollen again (for five days now) and I already feel it is helping me with my energy.


With school. Yikes! We have only been doing math. Last week I was way too tired to do anything else with school. I'm not stressing though because we will do 'light' school through the summer. Continue with math and some grammar and of course lots of reading. In the end I think it evens out.

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