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Our Nature Day

Yesterday the three older boys and dad were at church. This left me with Annette, Ethan and Lance. This is how we spent our time.

First things first.

We enjoyed our ice cream outside. It was delicious. It had tiny pieces of whoppers in it.

We then watched three butterflies play. At least it looked like they were playing with each other. I would say they were playing chase or tag! This one stopped to rest.

I turned to find Ethan like this.

When I inquired he said he was standing still so a butterfly will land on him. One did flutter past his left eye and another time one almost landed on his head.

Still watching those butterflies. It was lots of fun.

We thanked the Lord for his beautiful creations!

Lance my silly one.

Cute little creature!

Annette, had the boys wash the van.

Earlier that day we found this nest with larvae in them.

Here is an abandoned one.

It amazes me how these critters can build this nest without going to nest school. Amazingly wonderful.

I found this one making a home on the front porch.

This one is looking for a place to rent on my property too! Hmmm.......

This critter is of the same kind that made the smaller nest in the above picture. I think it's a wood wasp.

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