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Phonics Road Level 2

I haven't ordered Phonics Road level 2 yet but I hope to this Friday. I am making a few changes this coming year and one of them is with Josh. Instead of him continuing with Spell to Write & Read I'm going to have him use Phonics Road. I probably should have done this before but I didn't want him to feel he was doing anything babyish.

I can only afford one kit, so I won't be able to start Caleb & Brent yet, but this could be a good thing. I can start with Josh and he'll be way ahead of his brothers, so maybe he won't feel like they are on the same level.

Josh, will not use the binder but a notebook. I'll call in my order so I can ask Mrs. Beers if I may order two extra sets of Building Codes. One for Josh and another for Annette. I also need an extra set of Building Codes for another person I'll be tutoring.

That is my plan. I really do like Spell to Write & Read but I think it will be easier to have everyone on the same page this  coming year. Especially since everyone will not be on the same page with history.



  1. I like this plan! And in this way, down the road, the older ones could even tutor or help out the little ones. I think this is a great idea, especially since you plan to use the Bridge part of it and it's from the same author.
    I hope I'm right about that...:0)

    Have a great evening! Please say a prayer for my kids tomorrow. Two of them have eye appts., but I'm concerned about my 19 year old daughter's eyesight. She's just not seeing well out of one of her eyes at all and this is just something we've realized now.

    Anyway, hopefully it's nothing serious, but it's good to give it to the Lord anyway. Josh is just getting an eye check-up because I've noticed him squinting lately or bringing his book up closer to his face to read it.

    Have a Good Night,


    Be blessed in Christ Jesus!

  2. I really think I need to start doing TPR with Cena and DIego too....It is just a matter of DOING it. Oh and finding the time to fit it all in....
    You do such a great job and have 6!! Here I am always saying I don't have enough time to school 3. I am so disorganized....*sheesh*


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