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Pictures of Phonics & Reading K

I purchased McRuffy Phonics & Reading for Lance, but Ethan will use many of the games and readers as well over the summer. Caleb & Brent will play the games for reinforcement. Caleb & Brent both can decode words at a 4th grade level but they need practice with fluency. They love books but I haven't got them hooked on reading yet.

Yesterday I took pictures of McRuffy Phonics K. I went a little overboard with the pics but I was having fun. The McRuffy site is also very generous about giving samples that you can download.

Here is a picture of the readers. I'm going to have Ethan read them this summer.

I love the Teacher Manual.

The Teacher Manual tells you exactly what to do.

McRuffy's Pre-Writing Flip & Draw Book. This has a clear plastic sheet in the back that you lay on top of the pre writing sheet and use a dry erase marker. You can also copy the pages to use with pencil, crayons, markers etc. or the child can use scissors and practice their cutting skills.

Some samples.

Another sample. These are not scheduled in the TM.

Here is an example of the phonics or blending wheel.
Last night while my husband payed some bills I put all the sliders and wheels together. This way it's all done Ethan, Caleb or Brent can use them this summer.

Lots of games.

The binder. I used a regular white binder to put all the Resource Pack charts, masters etc. in.

Samples of the story page and book page. There are also spelling test pages. I thought they were cute.

Coloring pages that go with the readers.

This is a sheet of sliders. I need to cut them out and they go with one of the McRuffy games called Ruff's Dish.

These I cut last night. On the left are the phonics wheels, on the right is the slider. What I did with the slider is cut and folded them before cutting out the little windows. It was easier folding them that way. I also used double sided tape instead of glue.

More game pieces. With the banana pieces, I am going to laminate the sheet before cutting them. Since I'll have lots of little hands playing with them, I thought it might help keep them in good shape.

These are puppet cut-outs. You cut them and can tape them to a popsicle stick. I plan to have Lance, act out the stories to his dad.

On the right are some word cards. McRuffy doesn't suggest you drill, drill, drill but does say to go over them a few minutes a day but not until the child is so bored, he doesn't want to look at them anymore. They can also be used to make sentences or make-up some games.

And coming to a close, is the back of the binder. I plan to put the current reader in the back of the binder.


  1. Oh stop showing me all these pictures....LOL. This looks really nice too!!

  2. okay thats funny my security code for my last comment was imatanto (tanto is stupid or dumb in spanish)!!! ROFLOL

  3. Just yesterday I was wondering if I was typing words that might be from another language and if I was, what was I typing. LOL.

    You'll just have to order McRuffy Phonics ;) Well, the last of the pictures will be Math for grade 3. It's in Mesquite as I type. hee, hee.

  4. Linda, looks great! Makes me want a little one all over again...:)

    Will you be trying the Language Arts program, too? I've read a lot of positive reviews on the forums about that one as well.

    I love that Brian is a Christian, too!

    Dee :)

  5. You know Dee, I'm tempted but I am also really happy with Phonics Road. With Lance I am going to use McRuffy K & 1st grade. Then at the end of his first grade year I'll see what route. PR doesn't need any supplementing and I think it would be too much to do both and crazy ;) but by then I'll have used PR with Josh, Annette, Caleb, Brent and Ethan, so hopefully I'll be able to determine which road to take. Although, I may combine McRuffy 1st grade with PR1 with Ethan. The first level of PR isn't as intense as the other levels.

  6. Oh, and love that Brian is a Christian. In level three of LA's he uses the Matt series which I like.

  7. I hear you. It's better to consolidate as much as possible when you have lots of little ones. And besides that, PR looks to be solid program like you mentioned.

    It looks like you've made great choices for the new year.

    We are officially done today. Maybe I'll write a post about it. :)



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