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Saxon Math

I was excited to receive my book by Art Reed called John Saxon's Math books. It is full of useful information. In fact it saved me from skipping a book with Josh. After Josh, completes 5/4 I was going to have him take the Saxon placement test. If he scored out of book 6/4 I was going to skip it. In Mr. Reed's book I was informed that the Saxon placement test are for NON Saxon users. If one who uses Saxon takes the placement test the child may have a false high score. I got the idea to skip a book from another homeschool blogger. Yikes! I'm glad I decided to purchase the book.

Saxon Math like Teaching Textbook gets so many negative reviews from a certain forum, but I wonder; how are people using Saxon math? I truly believe many are using Saxon incorrectly by skipping problems, books, test and lessons. I have read from others that it's okay to skip the first 30 lessons because they are review. I now know not to do this. In fact I was one of the many. I was going to skip a book. I did let Josh skip the first 15 lesson and I was about to let Josh skip some of the easier problems.

We have to remember that the author's of not only Saxon but other math books have put the lessons in a certain order, put so many practice problems and review for a reason.

Mr. Reed also gives much information about the different editions. For instance the 1st edition of 87 has been out of print for almost a decade and Mr. Reed prefers the 2nd or current 3rd edition to prepare a student for Algebra 1.

I highly recommend Art Reed's book for those who are using or thinking of using Saxon Math. I'm also reading parts to my Sweets and it's helping him to understand Saxon as well.



  1. Hmmm...I might need to get this. Cena is doing Saxon 5/4 she just was going to start lesson 10 but I just went back and checked the last 7 lessons (I know I am horrible I should have checked them before ~sigh~) and she had SO many wrong but out of the similar problems she would have half right and a lot of the things she had the answer but not the complete answer. I had her start correcting her work and I went through everything with her. She said she HATES her math and doesn't want to do it. Sometimes I wonder if she is even paying any attention to the directions and examples...she says she would rather have me read the whole lesson to her then read it herself...but I just don't have the time for that. What to do....

  2. Amity, get the book!!! It's so worth it. It talks about partial credits for problems and it says not to correct every lesson. I think every Saxon user should own Mr. Reed's book.

    Maybe stop math for a little while. Have her do Timez Attack or some other free online games to keep her skills up.

  3. I am going to order the book right now!! I need to order a few other things anyways...Hmmmm, maybe I will check out Timez Attack in the meantime.

  4. Amity, Josh gets so many wrong too. It's stuff he does know. I'm a bit confused as what to do about that because he's older than the average 54 user :)

    And the book explains about test scores. It is very interesting and worth the $$$. It's funny because it's not a real thick book either, 117 pages, yet it explains everything you need to know. Well, almost everything. I was expecting a big fat book. LOL. I ordered my book on Friday and received it on Monday. Talk about fast shipping!!!


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