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Saxon Test 7

Joshua, took test 7 today. I know he could have gotten a 100% IF he would have paid more attention to the details. Here is what he missed.
  • Problem 8. He was to change an addition problem to a multiplication problem 7+7+7+7. He wrote 7x4 but he wrote it with the = sign or hyphen line - in between the 7 and the 4.
  • Problem 10 was asking if 2 nickles and 4 dimes was an even or odd number. He wrote 'no'. When I asked him to reread the question he new it was an even number but he put 'no' meaning no to the odd.
  • Problem 11. He was to answer what number on the number line is the arrow pointing? He new it was 125 but only wrote 25. He replied that with other problems he didn't have to write the hundred. I don't know where he came up with that one (shocked)
  • Problem 14 he was to find the square root of 36. You know how the number is under that division, looking symbol, well he put 6 on the top as if it was a division problem. I have told him before that he has to write =6.
As you can see he knows the answers but is not paying attention to details. What to do? I have talked to Josh about these details before. On a good note he did remember to write cm with his answer on one of his problems.

I also wanted to add that he is not being a smarty pants or rolling his eyes when we go over his papers. He likes math and enjoys it. Does it have to with logic. If you have been following my blog and can recall when he took the Self Portrait assessment. Well, logic was at the bottom of the list.

My Sweets is going to bring this up at supper time. He's good about getting group discussions going without singling one of the children.

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