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Strong Pump

A friend of mine suggested I try this sturdy Dawn foam pump. I have seen it at Target and a while back my SIL mentioned it too. I always thought it looked so buff looking for a pump ; ) but I always passed it up for the cheaper brand and lately I have been using bubble bath and shampoo to fill up our soap dispenser. Finally though, I decided to purchase it. It would be a housewarming gift to myself. Boy, was my friend right about this pump. It's very sturdy compared to all the other foam pumps I have purchased and that's including a Pampered Chef pump.
When the Dawn soap ran out I put a little bit of Avon Bubble Bath and filled the rest with water and it foamed nicely. Again, with other foam pumps my soap would be watery, not so with this one.
Lupe, liked the Dawn soap because it came out thick. I liked it too because it took longer for the kids to wash it off their hands. It would be nice if we could buy Dawn without the antibacterial ingredient though.
I have this pump in the bathroom but I'd like to get another for the kitchen as well.

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  1. Wow that is a big pump. I haven't seen them before but now I'm gonna be on the lookout. Thanks for sharing.


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