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Today we needed a dish drainer because we have no dishwasher in the front house (we are 75% moved in) so off to Target we went. Gulp! We left Target $465.00 poorer. It always happens. We go for a few things and leave spending at least $200.00. Thank goodness we go about four times a year at most.

We ended up purchasing curtains for the house, rods for the curtains, jeans, socks, dish towels, sponge holder and a few other things.

There are so many things I want to blog about but I have no time. I'll bullet point something and maybe I can blog about them later.

  • The church provided meals for one tired mama (me)
  • Our move to the front house
  • Finish blogging about our camping trip
  • My SIL visiting for the summer
  • Last movie night Lance picked Astro Boy
  • This weeks movie Josh picked Avatar. The movie itself was good but they used the Lords name in vain and it ruined the movie. We won't be able to watch it again. It was very well made. The movie reminded me, when America wanted the gold country and forced the Indians to move.
  • Exhausted mama
I know there was more but of course once I sit down I can't remember.

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  1. Linda, this is how I am with Walmart. I go in for a small item and never leave without having spent at least 50-80 dollars. For us Walmart is deadly. I have vowed not to walk in there without a list! LOL! And the worst is that there is one just down the street from where I live! Yikes!

    You sound so tired, Linda. Take it really easy and slowly. Get the kids working only on the minimum and it will all pull itself together before you know it.

    Many Blessings and prayers of rest!!!


    ps Praising the Lord for those meals from the church! How nice was that!


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