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Teaching Textbooks Arrived

Annette's Teaching Textbook arrived today. Of course I'm the one excited. Hee, hee. It looks really good. Some of the stuff she has covered but there is still a lot to learn. This is going to be great for her. I can foresee the future. My happy daughter doing her math cheerfully and running to the computer. Okay, maybe I'm over doing it a bit but TT does look more cheery.

The student textbook looks so nice and clean. I hate for her to write in it, but oh well, she must. I really think it's good for them to show their work. Oh, but it is a nice book.

I'm off to make a cup of coffee and take a closer look at TT6.

Before I go I should write that the children had a calm but grumpy mama today. I had to go to my room and close the door for some piece and quiet. Everything is okay now. I just got tired of the kids not putting things away. I took them on a tour of the house and showed them all their stuff.

Ethan, bumped his head, so I gave him a little bit of ice cream. He got so embarrassed with the special treatment. Then I read our current read aloud and Old Hat New Hat. Everyone thought the story was funny, even my big boy Josh. All had to see the pictures. You would think we never read this story before.

And lastly I found a cheaper math program for Ethan and Brent but I'll blog about that later ;)

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