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Teaching Textbooks

You all know that this is the place where I bounce my ideas back and forth to myself with regards to curriculum and homeschooling. Hee, hee. I know there is more to life than curriculum but hey, I can't share everything about Homeschooling6 life here. Anyway, today is another bouncing off my blog post.

Annette, is using Christian Light Math. It's going great. She gets her work done. She passes all her test and quizzes.

I have been toying with the idea to use Teaching Textbooks, but then I said to myself, "Stop the insanity!" and decided to just continue with CLE.

THEN yesterday for some odd reason I was looking at TT again. I think I was reading some threads from the Sonlight Forums that got me looking again. Anyway I was looking.

The three older boys and dad where at church, the little ones where playing with their dart guns, so it was just Annette and I in the kitchen. I thought I would ask her about math and have her look at TT.

I was asking her questions and she told me that she likes CLE. She is able to answer the questions and get the answers right but she doesn't understand why.

This got me thinking.............hmmm.............okay, I know CLE is a very solid program. I have read many good things about CLE. In fact I really haven't read anything negative about CLE math.

With TT I have mixed feeling. I have read many reviews about how 'behind' TT is. I have also read lots of good things too. I guess what works for one doesn't work for other. Annette, is finishing up CLE Light Unit (workbook) 309 can start with Teaching Textbooks 5.

What to do.........what to do....... (there is a little tune that I sing to myself, so it doesn't come or sound right when you read it but when the kiddos some day read my blog they'll know ;)

I had Annette do a few lessons and she really liked it!

 It amazes me how different children are. Annette is the opposite of her brother Josh. She wants to understand everything. She also enjoys using the computer for school. I'm thankful that I homeschool and can cater to each childs needs (although it does get expensive sometimes. hee.hee)

I see Caleb as a very mathy child, this is why I'm switching hime to Bob Jones. I see Annette not so mathy but her logical thinking comes into play and she does want to know more of the why's and how. I see Josh as get it done! He likes math. It's one of his favorite subjects but he needs that straight forward approach. With Brent he is a lot like Annette with his thinking. I can't 'see' him just yet but I wouldn't be surprised if he is more the "Annette" approach.

Back to Annette..........for now she'll continue with CLE math. Maybe in the fall I'll have her take the TT placement test and see where she should be placed.

Just so you know, I wrote this entry with six dear children talking to me throughout. If you read things that don't make sense, well, my brain was being pulled in all directions or should I say my ears? Sometimes my thoughts were interrupted and I tend to lose those thoughts. Yikes!

Linda<>< (who needs to jump in the shower)

P.S. it's going to be in the 90's today. We might go to CA in August.


  1. We must have been on the Twilight Zone yesterday because I was doing the same thing...checking out TT 4. LOL! I too came to the conclusion of just staying with CLE for now, but I'm also putting TT on the backburner...ya never know. I'll write a post about that today.

    California in August sounds awesome!

    Have a Great Day!


  2. I just played catch up with some reading while on our trip. Been a lot of driving. We went to TT a year or two back and decided to stick with them. They are a wonderful program when it comes to thorough explanations. Regardless of the reviews, we decided that the love of learning was important and they know that it doesn't matter where they place in math for college one day (if they decide to go), but understanding and enjoying the time they spent learning. Pray about it and follow His guidance! If you decide to go to west in August, privately email me :)

    Many Blessings, Tamara

  3. By way of introduction, I am a retired high school math teacher.

    Whatever curriculum you choose, stay with it after the sixth grade. Switching curriculums develops holes in the student's basic math concepts that become very large as the student progresses up the math chain past seventh grade math or pre-algebra.

    Art Reed


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