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Today has been a good day. Lupe, put two more air conditioners in the house. Now we have one in the kitchen, one in the living room and one in our bedroom. Next he'll put one in Joshua's room. My poor Annette, Ethan and Caleb, their window is too big for a unit. I would like to have him cut out a piece of the wall and put one it but there is no room. The bunk beds are on that side. We do have a fan in the hallway to blow some cool air into their room.

The kids did their math today. Josh and Annette have their nose in a book. Ethan & Lance played nicely out on the front porch. Caleb & Brent have been playing with plastic toy soldiers and listening to Jonathan Park.

There is a nice fort in my living room made of couch cushions. I also read stories from a book I got four years ago when we used Calvert called Stories and Poems. It came with the preschool package. My 11 year old will sit in on the stories too. I read about the Billy Goats, The Sky is Falling and the Boy Who Tried to Obey. I was going to read The Little Red Hen but the clock struck 2:00p.m time for naps.

Here I am blogging and enjoying a nice hot cup of java :) With us having such a nice day you wouldn't even know that Josh & I went to the orthodontist to get our wires tightened. We are a little sore but doing well. My Sweets bought Josh a shake from Sonic and a cup of coffee for me.

We also did a few loads of laundry and had a 15 minute pick-up in the kitchen and living room.

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