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Toilet is Finally Fixed

We have been living here for three weeks with a toilet that when you flush the tank fills with hot water. Our master plumber accidentally hooked up the hot water to the cold water pipe. Every time we flush the toilet we have to pour a bucket of cold water into the tank as it fills. It has been a pain but it's better than an outhouse right?

It's hard to believe we lived in our 2 bedroom apartment for nine months. The kiddos did great sharing a room. They never once complained about it. I know it was hard for them. Keeping a room clean with two bunkbeds, two dressers and a bookshelf with 6 children was hard at times. The room was smaller than our previous house and there we only had two to a room, so you can imagine what an adjustment it was for them.

When Lupe & I miss our bigger house we just laugh at what we use to have. We were spoiled. We look at the bedroom we have now and can't help but chuckle because it's the size of what use to be our master bath and closet. My children use to love to sleep in our master closet all six of them would bring their blankets down and make a cozy spot.

One of the big things I miss was being able to help family members. When someone needed a place to stay for a while we had room to help them out. When we first purchased that house we new it was the Lord's and therefore kept our hearts open to others in need. It was wonderful to be able to help others. Now with our much smaller place we can't do that and I don't like it. We have a member in our family that could use some housing help and I can't offer anything but my prayers.

Picture for the day is of Joshua when he was 9yrs. old. Wow! He is going to be 12yrs. in less then a week.

In Christ,
Linda <>< (enjoying a nice cup of coffee)

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