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TT Quiz 1

Annette, is really loving Teaching Textbooks. She is doing well with it. With TT once you enter your answer you instantly see if you got the answer correct or not. I think this is helping Annette, to be more careful with her answers. When using CLE she would hurry through and get answers wrong.

Last week she took her first quiz and received a 100%. She was really happy about that. Today she completed lesson 9.

So far her grades are:
  1. 95
  2. 95
  3. 80 (she was really upset about her score)
  4. 95
  5. 95
  6. 100
  7. 95
  8. 100
I'm sure as she continues her lessons will become more challenging and I'm not looking forward to her getting scores at 80% and below because she will be so upset. My Annette, is so competitive with her own self.

Here is a picture of Annette when she was two years old. She use to have a head of curls.


  1. Linda, she was so cute with all that curly hair...

    Linda, why don't you have her go back and redo that lesson and try to improve her score. For me, it's about mastery and I want my children to master the material 100 percent before moving on. But this is just my humble opinion...


  2. Hi, Dee,

    The 80% score; I was going to have her redo it but I haven't figured out how. Maybe today I'll play around with TT again.

    My McRuffy math will be here tomorrow. Yahoo!!!

  3. Oh cool. With mine, I just hit the link on my computer, the little avatar-without putting in the c.d. and then I put in my password, and then it gives me the headings of what I want to do. I clicked on "go into the gradebook" and then there is a little delete by the lesson and you can change a grade, or delete the whole lesson so the student can do it over.

    I know that it wasn't like this years ago, so I was pleasantly surprised that they had now added this feature.

    I love reading your post experience. It hypes me up about using the program with Joshua. I'm holding myself back, though, because I don't want to start him up and then stop for a few weeks and trust me, I need the break, I have to take at least 2-3 full weeks before coming back to any school.

  4. haha, I forgot about Annette's curly curly hair! Wow, that's a bunch of curls :) Funny how she grew out of it. Have you ever asked her if she'd prefer it curly or straight?


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