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I went outside to put a load of laundry in the washer and I could smell the beautiful flowers. Not from our yard but the neighbors. Hopefully we'll have flowers too someday.

Today my dad came for a visit. He stayed for a few hours. The kids are getting their school in during nap time. When Grandpa comes, school get pushed to the side. It was also a nice day. The children played with the water gun. We only have one, so they they make games up. I should have taken a picture. They had one person in the middle of the carport and the others had to run from one side to the other. Once they are all on the other side they check to see who got the wettest. The water gun is one that shoots four feet or so. I think they got if from AWANA.

Josh has his siblings learning about plants. What is edible and not. I'd say that counts as school. We observed a wasp nest that I knocked down. Josh, told me some about how they build it. I guess I got some schooling too.

Since my dad showed up I didn't get to school like I wanted too. I was hoping to get in some spelling with Josh using SWR and with Caleb & Brent, using PR. They are done with Phonics Road but I want them to review.

Yesterday Horizon K came for Lance. I think I'm going to wait to start it with him though. I am going to have him continue to do his cutting, pasting, tracing and such throughout the summer. I'll also have him practice counting.

My picture for the day is of Ethan. A few weeks ago I let him sleep in the kitchen upon his request. I went to check on him and this is what I found.

A pink mummy! The sheet is pink but you can't tell in the picture. It belongs to Annette's bed but Ethan took it over. He likes the color and I think also that it's really soft. I forgot the thread count.

Here is Ethan at age four.

I need to take the time and find all the pictures of him sleeping. There are many. He sleeps any where.


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