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Week 1 in Review (Summer School)

I'm trying to figure out how to go about a weekly review. I see some blogs that go over each subject with each child. I use to be able to do that when I had three children to school but now all six are 'in' school. It seems like it would take forEver to finish.

I also see others combine but they are also combining students into one program. Oh, what to do. Hee, hee. Let me try to give a review. It shouldn't be to hard in the summer because we are not having a full schedule.

Joshua, completed four lessons including a test in math. His score was an 80%. He has read two books this week. I see him with his nose in a book on the couch, floor in his room. A few days this week it has been in the 90's. He mowed the lawn on a cooler night. Okay, well that one was easy. Hee, hee.

Annette, completed four lessons in math TT6.  Finished her week of Junior Analytical Grammar. She passed her test (JAG) with a grade of 'mastery' 46 out of 49. She too has had her nose in a book. Her goal for the year is to read 24 book in one year I think it was. So far she has read 22. I will have to check my numbers with her and correct them if I'm mistaken.

Caleb, hasn't really started his summer school. I was waiting for his math to come and it did. He will start next week. We are going to play lots of phonics games too and practice reading.

Brent, did three math lessons this week. His McRuffy Math arrived and I got started with it right away. Like with Caleb he will practice his phonograms and reading.

Ethan, did three math lessons as well. One lesson with Phonics Road. I really need to get going with that. I also plan to have him use the second half of McRuffy Phonics & Reading K. Hopefully we can start that next week.

Lance, worked on his cutting and tracing skills. He will continue to practice through the summer and start McRuffy Phonics & Reading K in the fall. He also started learning some phonograms. We are working on the single vowels.

All- with all the children I read The Year of Miss Agnes and a quick biography of David Livingstone and lots of younger readers. Annette and I had some good discussions about David Livingstone life as a missionary. Our main discussions were about being away from his children most of their lives.  At least that's how it seemed in the book. Annette, really zoned in on that. It was the first time a missionaries life saddened her. This was a short biography that covered a lot of his history in a small amount of book, so we plan to read further because I'm sure we did miss a lot of him with his family (I hope). He did do some amazing things for God and he gave up a life of comfort to explore and share Christ. He was sick a lot with the African Fever but he always continued on.

The Year of Miss Agnes was a hit. The children laugh and I remember reading this to them in 2003 and crying on some parts. When I  first started homeschooling using Sonlight almost every book brought some tears from me. Not one book could pass me up without bringing some tears of joy or sorrow. I have toughened up a little since then.

And that wraps-up our week in review with summer school

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