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This coming school year I thought one of our extra subjects could be learning about herbs. This way next time Ethan, has a rash I'll know just what to use. What to put on a wasp sting. Bruised no problem.
To get us familiar with herbs I purchased this game. I haven't taken the time to really look at it, but there is a deck of cards with ailments and a deck of cards with herbs. For instance one card shows a wasp sting and below it shows maybe five herbs. There is another deck of cards with pictures of the herbs. As we go through the game we will learn what herbs to use for bee stings, bruises, cuts etc.

When I ordered the game I was also given a few e-books that I'm having printed at FedEx Office. One is about flu and colds. I think that'll be an interesting one.

Once I figure out the game I'll post a bit more detail. Hopefully I'll post our herb journey as well. Later in the year we'll also watch.

Another thing we will learn is the art of bread making. I have made a few loaves of bread in my days but I haven't mastered a good loaf. I want to learn how to make whole wheat bread and some with nuts. Just all kinds of different bread.

My Little Guy

I'm brewing a cup of coffee and thought I would sit and blog, but I really don't know what to write today.
Ethan, has a rash on his face. Poor guy is rash-prone. Like his mama. I remember when I was a little girl (a long time ago) I would have dry skin or a rash. I use to get rashes near my elbow. I do remember my face having lighter tones in certain areas too. As an adult I still get rashes and now hives. Looks like my Ethan, inherited my skin problems.
Here is a picture of the rash on Ethan's face. It's shiny because I had put some medicine on before taking this picture.

His left side is a bit swollen as well. He's been great about not itching it.
Here is a picture of him before his rash.

My Brent

Mom, "Brent, you need to take a shower today."

Brent, "Why mom? I took one last week."

With boys you save on water and soap!
We had our own oil spill today. Brent was making an egg. I gave him the coconut oil and it slipped from his hands. There went $12.00 worth of oil. Brent, felt so bad he almost cried. I told him it's okay, it was an accident. Nothing we can't clean-up with soap and water. I had Josh, bring in the mop bucket and I went to work. Now we have a nice clean, good smelling, floor.


This summer I'm adding two new students. Over the summer I have the privilege of tutoring my 8yr. nephew. He is having reading trouble in school. They say he is 'behind'. This is really creating a low self esteem for my nephew. If you would keep me in prayer about this I would most appreciate it. I'm a bit nervous about tutoring him. Especially since my boys are still learning.
I have wanted to tutor my nephew in the past but we live states away. In fact I would love to after school him.
The apartment that we moved out of in April is empty, Lupe and I offered it to my SIL and her family, so I can work with my nephew. They'll be arriving in seven days. I'm still not sure how I'm going to tutor him. I would like him to learn all 70 phonogram, so I'll probably start there. I might have him work through Let's Read. I'm still debating whether or not to use Saxon Phonics Level 1 with him. If I use Saxon Phonics with him, I'll have him start from the beginning, even though I'm sure it'll be easy for him. There are some marking that he'll need to learn. My goal is to have my sister-in-law eventually take over the lessons and continue at home with him. She'll have to after school him. I'll let her know to only do about 30 minutes a day. She can set a timer. Once it goes off the lesson is over. After spending 7 hours at school I'm sure another half hour will be a bit much, but he really needs to continue once he leaves here at the end of the summer.

I thought of using Phonics Road with him but it's too expensive. Spell-to-Write and Read was another option but I think it my be too complicated for my SIL. This is why I may choose Saxon Phonics. I am going to give her the SWR and the Wise Guide to read though. SWR has really helped me understand Phonics Road and spelling in general. It's opened my eyes in the sense that our English Language is not so difficult after all.

My second student will be an adult. With him I plan to use Let's Read as is. I'm going to make sure he knows all the letter names and can dictate them. Then we'll start the lessons beginning with lesson one.
Here is how you use Let's Read.
Teacher-this says cat, c-a-t.
Student and teacher together- c-a-t, cat
Student by himself reads the word, cat, c-a-t.
Then move on to the next word until you complete the list. After the list are some phrases and then sentences. If the student has difficulty with any word they are to spell it and say the word.
I'm going to try this method, if it doesn't work then I'll pull out my 70 phonograms and start him using Phonics Road. Actually even if it does work, I think I'll start Phonics Road too (after we finish Let's Read)

Week 5 (Summer School)

Hmmm........lets see, today Josh, did his first lesson in Analytical Grammar. I haven't corrected it yet. I'm suppose to correct it with Josh but Grandpa Joe and Uncle Joe came for a visit, so we didn't get back to our AG.

Just real quick, speaking of my dad visiting, guess what he watched with my children? You'll never guess. It's not educational or homeschoolish. Let me just show you.

My dad use to watch this all the time when we were little. My sister MaryEllen bought this for my dad, so he watched it with his grandkids. They were cracking up and thought the show was the funniest thing they have ever seen.

Okay, back to what we accomplished for school.
Annette, completed an Junior Analytical Grammar lesson. She didn't do math, that stinker.

Caleb, completed two McRurffy math lessons and read to me.
During the summer I'm using Let's Read a Linguistic Approach.

It's very interesting. The child must know all of the alphabet by name, not sound. I have never heard of this before. I'm using it with Brent too.
Speaking of my Brent, he completed two McRuffy math lessons and tomorrow he takes his first McRuffy Math test.

Ethan, completed one McRuffy Phonics and Reading lesson and one math lesson as well.

My little Lance, uh, um, we didn't do anything schoolish.

Math Mammoth

I'm cleaning out my homeschool bookshelf or trying to anyway. I have Math Mammoth printed out for grades 1-4. I love Math Mammoth but it didn't work with my children. I don't know what to do with it. The way Math Mammoth explains the concepts is really neat. I don't want to get rid of it. There is no way I am going to combine. It's just too much for me and the children. I know many homeschoolers use two math programs and I have tried for years but it just doesn't work here.

As I write I'm sipping my McDonald's Mocha Frap that my Sweets got for me on his way home from Dallas. He had some apartment issues.

The children are having fifteen minutes of quiet time before they go to bed.

And my Sweets is working on the upstairs apartment. Getting it ready for my dad to move in.

Things to do Before Next School Year

I'm trying to get organized for our upcoming school year. I know summer has just began but I'm planning now because my Sister-in-law, her husband and their four children will be here next week. They are staying in the back apartment for the summer. You know how busy it gets when family is around (I don't mean that in a negative) so, I want most of my ducks in a row as they say before they get here. My only setback is I can only purchase one thing at a time. I'm impatient. I want everything now so I can organize it and feel DONE!

Here is a list of what I need. These are the bigger items.
That's my list for the big ticket items.

The smaller stuff:
  1. Weekly Lesson Planners one for Annette, Josh, Caleb & Brent
  2. Teacher Planner This is where I'll keep Lance & Ethan's daily plans as well as reminders of what I need to do with the older children. 
  3. Handwriting Books for Lance, Ethan, Caleb, Brent & Annette
  4. Extra workbooks
  5. Science Roots
  6. Jashub's Journal
  7. Letters from Egypt
Notebooks, highlighters tape, tabs, file folders, Manila folders, and other little office supply things. There are a few books that I would like to have copied and bound at BestValueCopies.

I am also trying to figure out how to organize all six kids schooling. I am thinking of using a filing system. One thought is to take the worksheets out of the workbooks and put them in a file folder for that week. Make 36 file folders, one for each week. The only problem I see with this is it's time consuming and the older children don't have as many consumable workbooks.

Another idea is to put the weeks worth of work a 1/2 inch binder. Once done transfer it to a finished binder (3inch).

I can also get a tote for each child (I have some that I can use) and put all their workbooks that are not consumable along with a weekly folder that will hold their ripped out workbook pages.

I might use the file folder idea for the two younger ones. The four older maybe a tote.

Once I figure it out I'll post some pics.

One last thing, to save money I might go ahead and use Oak Meadow 5 with Annette. I already own it. All American History is another thing I would have to purchase, so I'm not sure about it now.

Week 3 in Review (Summer School)

I wanted to have some christian music playing while I washed a boat load of dishes, so I went to my cd holder and found a Carman cd. I haven't listened to Carman in a long time. It was fun listening to those 90's songs.

Lupe, came home early today and surprised the children by taking them to Micky D's (McDonalds) for a .05 ice cream. The children really enjoyed that. Then we came home and my Sweets put them to work picking weeds. Lots of fun! I cleaned the living room and washed the dishes (while listening to Carman)

Ethan, took his first Timed Drill today. I set the timer for five minutes because I wasn't sure how he would do. He did very well. Finished in 1 minute.

A happy Ethan.

Ethan, also finished two lesson in math. Today he learned about time.

He also completed five phonic lessons.

Caleb and Brent completed 10 lessons in McRuffy Math and a few phonics lessons to keep up with their reading.

Annette, completed four lessons in math. As you can see below, we need to work on neatness.

She completed two lessons in grammar. I would have liked four lessons completed though.
Here she completing a Junior Analytical Grammar lesson.

Joshua, continued working on his division facts. He also completed three lesson of Rosetta Stone and practiced his penmanship.

Lance, completed some of his tracing, cutting and pasting. Annette, purchased some Kumon Maze books from Amazon for him. As soon as those come we'll add those in too.


I took some pictures of our dinner last night. My pizza came out pretty good after all. Everybody loved the semi wheat crust. My first batch from the bread machine came out a bit too sticky, so I added more white flour as I rolled it around in a bowl. Very messy! The second batch (because we need at least three pizzas) I added less water. It was still a bit sticky but not as much as the first batch.
Brent, looks happy with the results. He helped me put the toppings on. We chucked the taco pizza idea. Lupe, was too scared to try hamburger meat on our pizza, so we went the traditional route of pepperoni, olives, ham, cheese, and mushrooms. Yummy!

Testing, testing, 123

I'm testing my post again. This time I'm going to see if I write a blog post here at Multiply (where my family hangs out ) if it will cross-post to my blogger blog (where my online friends hang out )
Okay, here it goes. I'm hitting the 'publish' button.

Now, I'm here at blogger editing this post. I like that I can write an entry at Multiply and have it cross-post here, but I don't like that Multiply does not save my every word as I type, like Blogger does. I have lost too many post without the saving thingy over at Homeschoolblogger. I'm not sure if I want to post from Multiply.

I can post here and then go to Multiply and have it grab my post from Blogger BUT, the only way I know how to do that is if I deselect all my previous post and that can take a long time considering I have over 300 post here at Blogger.

Oh, what to do..............

Pictures of Our Relaxed Summer Day

One of Lupe's co-workers gave him some jacks, here are the children playing with them.

Annette, made Ethan, a sick-couch. When one of the children have a stomach virus they band to the 'sick' couch.

I read a few Dr. Seuss books to Ethan and later that evening he completed a phonics lesson. What a champ! He was feeling better by then.

Relaxed Summer Day

Today has been pretty relaxed. Caleb & Brent did two lessons in math. Annette, almost completed a lesson in grammar. Josh reviewed his division facts.

Since Ethan, is sick I let the children watch Wall-E because it's his favorite movie.

My pizza dough didn't come out like it was suppose to. I followed the recipe to a 't' too.  I was able to salvage the dough and make a funny looking cheese pizza. It taste fine, just looks funny.


Ethan, woke up not feeling to well. His breakfast came up. Poor guy.

Annette, has a swollen knee. A few days ago she and Caleb were walking on their knees. They looked so funny I  should have taken a picture. Anyway, I didn't know Annette, rubbed her knees raw and now has these scabs on her knees. One is swollen a bit so she has an ice pack on it now. She mentioned that her right knee hurt but I wasn't paying much attention, thinking that it would go away, not realizing she had a raw and swollen knee. Next time I'll pay more attention to my girl.

Here is my Annette, what a happy child.

Her cute little knees.

We are going to have taco pizzas tonight. We'll see how it comes out. I am using my mom's bread maker for the first time (well almost the first time. Maybe the 2nd or 3rd. Lupe used it a few times a couple of years ago. He made pretzels) anyway, I thought I'd brown some meat and put that on the pizza with sauce and cheese. I'll have to let you all know how it came out or should I say 'if' it comes out.


Testing One of My Old Sites

I forgot I had made a few sites for Ethan, Brent and Lance when they were younger. It's been about four years since I have updated anything and looking at my guys so little has been fun.

Click on this LINK (let me know if it works by leaving a comment please) and go to Lance's photos, the first one at the top and you'll see him wearing his cute cloth diapers. Oh, I miss those days. I loved using cloth diapers. I actually liked to change my babies diapers.

Summer Days

I started taking my vitamins a few weeks ago (not consistently though) and I'm still so tired. I have added Berry Well to the mix again because I need energy! I mix it with some lemonade and yummy. I should just drink from the bottle, maybe that will get me going.

The children have been playing computer games at Cool Math Games. I let one child per day play for a hour and on Saturday they all can have 20 minutes. I figure it's summer time the children can use a little fun, especially since its been 100 degrees around here.

Speaking of degrees. Joshua and Brent camped outside during nap. They made a shelter and stayed out in the heat for two hours. As Brent was making his shelter he stepped on a dead branch that had thorns. He said it hurt so bad. He came in with a bloody foot. I cleaned it up and he hopped outside to finish his shelter.

I made sure they had lots of water. I didn't want them to stay out in the the backyard at first. Not only because it was hot but the yard is not fenced in. Finally I agreed. They said Lewis and Clark were not fenced in and camped in the heat. I said a little prayer and peeked out the window every-so-often to check on them.

Annette, did some grammar today. When she doesn't want to do something her work is sloppy.
She is also getting lazy with her math.

We also did a little bit of Science, using The Magic School Bus.


The Scientist.

We are going to study germs.

Ethan, completed a phonics lesson. Caleb & Brent completed two math lessons. Josh, is still on math-vacation but will start back up next week.

My dear hubby, is working hard on the back apartment. I still need to clean the bottom one that we lived in for nine months. Lupe, still needs to put all his tools away. Once he does that, the kids and I will go in and clean it.

Brent's foot is still sore from the thorns he stepped on earlier today.

Here is how I felt today (I actually like this little guy).

I took two naps today.

Starting Week Four (Summer School)

 We didn't have school today instead we cleaned the house really good. Got rid of those dust bunnies. My dad came by about 11:30 a.m. He brought the children some fresh bread and of course sweet bread as well. Caleb, made him and my brother some hot sub sandwiches. Then they all headed to the living room to watch The 7th Voyage of Sinbad (1958). Love the cyclops, he so fake looking (just the way we like it though).
So, here is how they all left the table. Grandpa, Uncle, and my six little hearts.

Bags of chips, half eaten mango, cups and mugs, Spanish sweet bread, I think the children did take their plates.

Here is how I found Annette this morning.

We did get some Science in.

A Cicada shedding its skin.

Right now my Sweets is fixing a window. Josh and his brothers were having a pillow fight. Josh fell against the window and broke it. Thankfully the blinds were down so nothing happened to him. Lupe had planned to work on the downstairs apartment but he is now fixing the window instead.