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Busy but Not

Today has been weird. Busy but not. We all seem to be floating but not sure what to do, if that makes sense :)

I have been busy getting my bookshelves in order. It's a big job. I put out three boxes donate, keep, throw away and mail to a friend.
Here is a cleaned up shelf.

And another.

This one still needs to be cleaned.

Then I have these Singapore Challenging Word Problem and Intensive Practice books that I keep hanging onto. I don't really care for Singapore Math but I do like these CWP & IP books, but I don't think we'll ever really use them.

As for the part were I feel like nothing is getting done.......

My room

And my kitchen table.

I really need to make list of what needs to be done and small chore cards for the kids. I have let too many things go. I see it in my household. Even the children are bickering more.

I also need to start getting organized for next school year. I haven't made a list of what needs to be purchased still. No schedule in place yet. Nothing!
I like researching and buying my curriculum. Organizing and getting it ready, not so fun.

I did get some teaching done today. Caleb & Brent  did two lesson in math. This is our fourth week using McRuffy math. So far so good.
Joshua, corrected yesterdays lesson, did two Math Mammoth pages and a speed drill.
Annette, hit a wall with TT with division. She is going to do a chapter of Math Mammoth on division and practice her division facts.
Ethan, completed two lessons of McRuffy Phonics and one lesson in McRuffy Math.
Lance, practiced counting to ten and did some cutting & pasting.

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