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Celtics Won

Quick post. I'm suppose to be in bed right now, but wanted to write that the Celtics won. My dad said it's been a great day. He had good company (us), good food (my taco casserole) and watched a good game (Celtics).

My dad and brother came to visit. Dad, told us he fell of his bed. One minute he was on his small twin bed, the next he was on the floor. He's okay but the way my dad tells it, it's so funny. My father has a wonderful gift of storytelling.

With every visit, one of the children will ask Grandpa for a story.

My dad also brought some Spanish Sweet Bread and fresh rolls for the children.

This picture has nothing to do with my papa. It's a picture of my Grandma Tanny, my younger sister MaryEllen and myself on a visit out to California. I think I'm missing my grandma. She so sweet. My grandma told me that she doesn't get lonely because she has all of our pictures hanging around and she just talks to them. I miss our Sunday lunches. Before we moved to Texas my family would visit Grandma almost every Sunday. She loved seeing the children.

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