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Chugging Along

The children have been busy making paper air-planes again. This time I let them use a book that has lots of neat paper in the back to use.

The books we used.

The book on the left has lots of paper air-plane folds but you need your own paper. The one on the right comes with nice paper and shows you were to cut or fold. Very nice!

Lance, helped with the dishes today. I was busy teaching Brent math when I looked up to see this...

Today I taught McRuffy Math 2nd & 3rd. Still need to have a math session with Ethan. Between paper air-planes and summer school it's been busy.

Ethan, also completed four lesson of McRuffy Phonics & Reading. I didn't take any pictures today. Ethan, was in one of his moods again. It was hard but I patiently taught him today. I wanted to just get up and walk away but I didn't. I calmly talked him through until he was laughing and we were able to get his lesson in.

Here is Caleb using the Pentominoes.


Brent, worked with Pattern Block. Instead of using the base ten blocks to see place value we used the pattern blocks. The pattern below represents 425.

I felt bad for Joshua, today. He seems so quiet. Yesterday he missed a lot of math problems. I'm wondering if that has anything to do with it. He tries so hard but yet still misses so many. Between math and spelling it really gets to him sometimes. I'm so thankful he still tries and doesn't give up. Math is actually one of his favorite subjects.

Annette, is getting lazy with math and grammar. I don't think she did anything today. That girl.

Nap time is almost over. My friend Dee sent me some goodies. I haven't been able to look at them yet but I still need to correct Joshua's math and watch one of Annette's Teaching Textbook videos still.

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