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Dynamic Phonics

Yesterday I wanted to blog another entry with regards the Dynamics Phonics Learning Book. I was not able to get back on the computer.

After nap and before supper I again took the boys one-by-one for their lessons. I started with Ethan. Like before I  had them read the Drill Chart. Ethan, stopped at lesson 9 and I think this is were I'm going to start with him.

Brent continued reading and I had him stop at lesson 13. Today I'll have him read some more and continue until it becomes difficult.

Caleb, is on lesson 47. This is were I am starting with him. Yesterday we went over the prefixes 'a' and 'be' (alike, beyond). I wrote some words on paper, had him read them, then I added the prefixes and he read them again. Lastly I dictated a sentence to him.
He did very well and I'm impressed with his reading fluency. He reads better than he thinks he can. I told him he reads really well but he continues to say it's hard. I keep encouraging him and let him know he just need to continue practicing.

When I have more time I will have to go more into detail about The Dynamic Phonics Learning Book. I was able to find another one used and able to trade some books for it. I wanted another one for my nephew. Still searching trying to figure out what would be best to get him caught up.

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