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FaithfulGrace (Linda)

Linda, I have been trying for days to leave a comment on your blog but for some reason I can't get in. I thought I would write you a little note from my blog ;) Just wanted to say, "Hello". I'm still trying to figure out the new homeschoolblogger. I'm not sure what to do with my blog. I still have lots of entries over there that I would like to save here and hopefully either print or save to word.



  1. I left a comment for you and mentioned this post!

    I think HSB is still having some problems.

  2. Hi Linda,
    I apologize that you can't leave a comment at HSB. This new server is causing a lot of trouble. One issue I have is that I have to approve all of the comments. I can't find the setting to change this. I'm still not sure if I will stay or go. The amount of time it will take to move everything overwhelms me. I think though that in the end I will move everything to a blogger blog.

    I love reading about your wonderful home. I read it through RSS feed which means I can't leave comments. But I do want to pop in every once in a while and say hi.

    Hope your evening is enjoyable.


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