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Father's Day

For father's day my dad was so kind to come and watch the children, so Lupe and I could go on a date.

My dad watching the children. He's the one sleeping. Too funny! The children are watching one of the older Narnia movies.

Lupe and I had dinner at a little Mexican restaurant and then went to our favorite hang out. Half Price Books.

My finds, a brand new A beka grade 1 math student workbook and teacher manual. I don't really need another 1st grade math program but my Sweets said we should get it anyway, that I'll find use for it. 
It so nice and new that I don't even want to use it. We paid $14.00 for the set.

I also found a 4th grade science textbook. It's a 3rd edition but looks brand new. $7.00.
I might use this with Caleb & Brent. I thought after reading a chapter they could write a short summary and illustrate it.  Not sure if we'll really do that but it sure sounds nice. There are a lot of nice colorful illustrations. 

Lupe and I stopped at McDonalds for a cup of coffee so we could look at our great buys. I had fun looking at the science textbooks. Learned some new things too. 

My Sweets had to work on the back apartments here on our property. He worked in 100 degrees weather with no air conditioner. I felt so bad for him.
Later though before our date he and the children had a water balloon fight. That cooled him off some.

I didn't take any pictures of the actual throwing of the water balloons. My dad had arrived so I was safe inside the house.

The children gave Lupe, some homemade gifts. I'll have to take a picture and insert them.

Here is a picture of my sweet Annette. Her dad was very happy that her hair was brushed before noon.


  1. So blessed to have your dad babysit, even if he did fall asleep. All men do that, hehe.

    Great deal on the books, I wish they had one of those stores here.

    I love Annette's bathing suit. I want to order one of those for myself very soon. And her shirt says it all, she is a cutie pie!

    Glad you had a great day!!!

    Dee :)

  2. Linda, your mom was beautiful! I see some of her in you and in Annette.

  3. Thanks Dee =)It's funny because I see myself doing and sometimes sounding like my mom ;)


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