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Friday in Pictures

Yesterday my Sweets came home early. At work during the summer they have where one can work nine hour shifts Monday - Thursday and the remaining hours on Friday. So Lupe was home a little before 2:00 p.m.

The children didn't take naps, so I didn't get a chance to blog. I thought I'd show you a day here at Homeschooling6 with pictures.

Caleb reading his Bible in the morning. A few days ago I made some chore lists for the children. Just very basic for now. Morning and evening chores has fifteen minutes of Bible reading. Caleb can't read all the words but he tries.

Math with Ethan. He also did two lessons of Phonics. He took a test and scored 100%

Math with Brent.

Brent's creation with the math manipulatives.

Math with Caleb.

His workbook page.

Lance, acting silly while I'm teaching math to Caleb. He was making the shapes fly, act liked they were cars, army people and so forth. Children have a great imagination.

My friend Dee, sent me The 21 Rules of This House. Couldn't have come at a better time. Things were getting out of hand here.
The children are coloring the first rule which is We obey our Lord Jesus Christ. My oldest son Josh, isn't into the coloring pages anymore. My boy is growing up.

I was walking down the hallway and found Joshua reading like this.

Notice his hand covering his face. He doesn't like his picture taken now. Signs of growing up. I asked him if I could take the picture otherwise I wouldn't have captured this moment. He would have got up and said, "Mom."

Supper time.

Later the children had ice cream and watched a movie.
Hope you enjoyed seeing a day at our house.


  1. It was great seeing a day at your house, Linda! It was really nice seeing the kids coloring the 21 rules of this house! :) :) :) (ah, memories of my little one punching his brother in the nose right after coloring one of them)

    Your kids are doing so well with their math, Linda. I'm having some type of anxieties over next year. Making the right decisions can be so nerve wracking for me sometimes.

    Enjoy your weekend!

    Dee :)

  2. Good for Caleb that he continues to read even thought some words are still unknown. Oh the fun of learning new things!

    And Congratulations to Ethan for scoring 100% - great job!!

    LOVED seeing a day at the homeschooling6 house. I miss everyone a bunch and visiting through here is a highlight! :)


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