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Today my Ethan was in one of his moods. No use teaching him when he is like that, but I didn't want to reward him either. I had him sit on his bed until he was ready to do school. I know, it sounds mean but I don't want him to think that because he was in a bad mood he could get away with doing his schooling. Eventually he wanted to go outside (my Nature Boy). I told him if he could do his phonics lesson cheerfully then he may play outside. He sat down at the table with a big smile and did his work. I didn't get any pictures of him though.
Here is a picture of his 'test' he scored 100%

Caleb, worked with the pattern blocks. He had a hard  time with the first one but once he completed it he caught on and did pretty good with the rest.

Yesterday we worked on this page. It was funny because he had to correct everyone.

I read what he was suppose to find and he would write the number. I would have him look at the number he picked while I read it again and he would laugh and find the right one.

Here is Brent working with the ten rods. I had him work out the problems with the rods so he could see 58+22

Annette, had school with Lance. She had him cut and paste. Then it was snack and storytime.

He was tuckered out, when done.


  1. I really enjoy following your blog.. I am not at all where you are at, but someday, thanks for being real...

    PS Our manipulatives should arrive in the mail so we can start doing some of these patterns using Saxon K.

    PPS I followed your link from the WTM forums...

  2. Thanks Zombiemommy, for visiting. I here Saxon K is fun too. I actually used it with my oldest ds but didn't stick with it because that was back in the days when I was a curriculum hopper :( I should have though.


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