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Happenings (Week in Review Summer School Week 3)

We have completed three weeks of summer school. Although it seems like more. I'm being really terrible about this, but since I have almost wrote what we are doing daily, by Friday I'm not sure what to add.

Annette, did do a few lessons of Junior Analytical Grammar as well as Teaching Textbooks.

Josh, is mostly concentrating on his math. Tomorrow I'm going to add spelling and hopefully start Analytical Grammar.

Caleb, Brent & Ethan are doing well with McRuffy Phonics.

I must say that I do miss a scripted teacher's manual. I know for sure that Caleb and Brent will continue to use Phonics Road 2 this year.

With Ethan and Lance I may wait another year or I might incorporate Phonics Road into another curriculum. When I look at Lance, I just see a McRuffy student. My wheels are turning again. Anyway, I have a few years to figure it out. I won't be starting Phonics Road for Lance, until his second or third grade year. With Ethan, I started him this summer but stopped. Its what happens during summer. I may start up again or I might wait and do something else for a while (Saxon Phonics) so I can keep Lance & Ethan together with PR.

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