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This coming school year I thought one of our extra subjects could be learning about herbs. This way next time Ethan, has a rash I'll know just what to use. What to put on a wasp sting. Bruised no problem.
To get us familiar with herbs I purchased this game. I haven't taken the time to really look at it, but there is a deck of cards with ailments and a deck of cards with herbs. For instance one card shows a wasp sting and below it shows maybe five herbs. There is another deck of cards with pictures of the herbs. As we go through the game we will learn what herbs to use for bee stings, bruises, cuts etc.

When I ordered the game I was also given a few e-books that I'm having printed at FedEx Office. One is about flu and colds. I think that'll be an interesting one.

Once I figure out the game I'll post a bit more detail. Hopefully I'll post our herb journey as well. Later in the year we'll also watch.

Another thing we will learn is the art of bread making. I have made a few loaves of bread in my days but I haven't mastered a good loaf. I want to learn how to make whole wheat bread and some with nuts. Just all kinds of different bread.

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  1. Looking forward to the posts about the game! Looks like fun and educational at the same time...can't beat that.

    Dee :)