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Hot Day

My Sweets and the kids worked out in the 98 degrees heat. We made sure that they are drinking lots of water. Joshua's been digging a big whole in the ground. He said it's going to be a pond. The rest of the kids have been helping dad here and there. They also played some games on the computer, watched Curious George and had Popsicles. It's been fun.

I cleaned out the fridge in the apartment. Cleaned our freezer here in the house and did lots of  housework. I'm hot, even with the air conditioner running.

Right now Ethan is taking a bath. He has sweated a lot the past few days. Yes, its been days. The boy doesn't like to take baths. Although once he is in he has fun playing with all the toys.

Lance is so tired from the heat and helping his dad. He came inside, sat on the couch and fell asleep within minutes. I woke him up though because he still needs to take a bath. Tomorrow is church. Don't want him smelly.

I went to check on Ethan, he is about ready to get out of the bath. I asked if he washed himself with soap. Of course the answer was "No". So, I scrubbed him top to bottom. Nice and clean he is.

Lupe, Annette, Brent and Caleb are on their way to Dallas. There are a few things that need fixing over there (apartments). Hopefully they won't be gone too long.

I best be going. I need to get Lance in the bath.

I'll leave you all with this photo of my older sister, my grandma and me holding Brent when he was a baby. (I use to be thin)

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  1. What a lovely picture, you have barely changed at all!