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What A Night

I couldn't sleep last night. Woke up at 8:00a.m. this morning. All kids were still sleeping too. Checked my email. Jumped in the shower at 8:16. All kids awake. By 9:00 I was making my breakfast. 9:15 I put the roast in the crock-pot. Cut the potatoes and carrots. 9:45 school started.

So much for waking at 6:30a.m.

Last night I went to bed at 11:30 p.m. Lupe, was already sleeping. I couldn't fall asleep. After a while I got up. I walked down the hallway to the kitchen and found Josh, awake too. He was having trouble sleeping as well. I told him he could sleep in the living room. It's cooler in there.

I decided to surf the net. There was really nothing for me to do, so I read a few blogs when Annette, came into the kitchen. She couldn't sleep either. She went back to her room and I went back to the computer. After an hour I was finally tired enough to fall asleep. I went to check on Annette. She was still awake. I told her she could sleep in the living room again, because it's cooler. I went with her so I could tuck her in. Joshua was already a sleep on the floor so she took a couch.

In the middle of the night two little ones came to my bed. I don't know when they came but realized I couldn't turn. I woke up and tried to move Lance, so he wouldn't fall off the bed. When I moved him he woke up and asked, "Where is my blanket. I can't find it." I got off the bed and looked around but couldn't find it. When I got back to my side of the bed Ethan, had taken most of my spot. He's a wild sleeper. I decided to go to the living room and join the growing crowd there. I took Lance, with me.

Later, (again) I woke up because my neck was hurting, my legs didn't fit on the couch and I was just plain uncomfortable. I was thinking, this must be how my dad feels on his little bed (remember my dad is a big guy). I was sleeping on the smaller couch.

Finally morning came. Lance was sleeping across me, so I gently moved him and went to my bedroom. Lupe was up so I collapsed on his side of the bed. Last I remember is Lupe, giving me a goodbye kiss. Next thing I know it's 8:00 and I need to get up.

Yes, the kids at times sleep in their clothes.


  1. LOL! It's 9:40am here and you are far ahead of me.

    The brown truck just arrived...woo hoo! Quick question...Would you recommend laminating the cards in the McRuffy program?? I have a home laminator..nothing special.. but got to thinking that it might be worth the extra effort to just spend some time and do this. Anyways, wondering your opinion.

  2. The brown truck is out friend :)

    I'm leaving them as is. I thought about laminating (I was going to use packaging tape though ;)

    To tell you the truth I'm still going back and forth with this. I was just looking at them today wondering if I should. I think they will be fine without though.

  3. WOw sounds like a very eventful night! No wonder you didn't wake up at 6:30am. From this post it sounds like you are receiving your summer weather.

  4. Yes, it's HOT here. At midnight it's about 77 degrees. Reff, call me when you can!


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