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I'm Thinking, I'm Thinking.......

I love my little Ethan, but he can be a handful and a challenge. I sit at Jesus feet daily because of him (thank you Ethan) For school he is no different. My boy is a challenge to teach as well. A fifteen minute lesson can take thirty minutes. I'm learning to keep my cool as they say. What's new, I've gone through this with Josh (another story)

Here is Ethan in the "I'm Thinking" mode.

He is working on his Penmanship. When he was five he had really good penmanhsip but I have let it slide. He is currently using McRuffy Handwriting K Modern Script.

To get him reading more fluently he is working through McRuffy K at the speed of light, sort of. Today he did four lessons. Most were cutting and pasting. He had to cut the cvc words out and paste them under the correct picture.

Tomorrow he'll read one of the readers. A short vowel book.
I started him using Phonics Road 1 but stopped to work with McRuffy K.
I am having him continue with the phonograms, so when we start back with PR in the fall.

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  1. He looks so cute! I love the second one where he looks like he's stressed! Boys, doncha just love them and their antics!

    Dee :)


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