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Math and More

It rained last night. The boys wanted to go out and dig. I let Ethan, go but told him I'd be calling him in as soon as I gather his school stuff.

Here he is writing in his McRuffy handwriting books. Notice his fingernails and arm. Looks like he was having some fun in the mud! Gotta love it!

He saw me taking a picture and said with a giggle, "My nails."

I don't have him do all the tracing.

Look at this fun page of math. It's such a neat math program. He had to find different ways to make the outlined shapes.

Here is a picture of Brent's math. He completed two lessons.

Once they hit a wall with math, then we'll slow down to one lesson a day. Since it's summer school we are doing a lot of review.

With Caleb, we used the Math Machine laminated mat. I tested my dry erase marker on the back and it left a very light smudge, so I slid it in our Smart Pal and used it that way.

Joshua took Saxon test 9 a few days ago. He missed six problems which is not a passing grade. He needs to score an 80%. Because he does know most of it but makes goofy mistakes I went over it with him and brought his score up to 80%. He was really disappointed. Today he asked if he could take test 10. Of course I said, 'no' because we are not to skip lessons.
He asked again, saying that he can pass the test. If he could please take it and not write on it though. I think he really need to prove to himself that he CAN do it, so I let him. He passed with an 80% and wrote everything so nice and neat.

Even though he passed he still has to do the lessons. I am taking Art Reed's advice and am not skipping them.

Annette, has been very disciplined with waking up and doing her Teaching Textbook lessons. She did have two lessons where she scored in the 70%. With one she punched in a wrong number and on another she got confused with what TT was asking her. I let her continue and today she scored a 91%.  The only problem I see with TT is there is not as much review as Christian Light had. We'll continue on and see how it goes.
I also had Annette, start Junior Analytical Grammar today. She is on Unit 4, working with Prepositions.


  1. Linda, I'm so impressed. You are getting so much done. I'm so worried about TT 4 not having enough review, but I have my Mastering Mathematics which I'm going to have as a back-up for more skill practice.

    I'm also going to let him loose and do as much as he can when we do start and then have him stop or slow down when we hit a wall and then I'll probably start the enrichment of MM then and there. Hopefully, we really won't need much of it.

    We'll see...


  2. Thanks Dee, I'm trying to stay consistent with math over the summer because once we start school again......well, I'm not sure how I'll fit it all in.
    Annette, so funny, she said, "Mom,I think this is advanced math." Hee, hee.
    Yes, TT needs more review or at least a teacher manual that reminds us to do a little review here-and-there.

  3. Ahh...we had a difficult K math day ....she could NOT grasp the concept of patterns. UGH! I tried using the cards, tried by colors, tried by shapes...and NOTHING worked. I finally stopped and said we'll try again tomorrow.

    On TT, I think it would be soooo nice if they offered use of manipulative teaching along side the lessons.


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