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Little of This and That

Let me see......I'll start this post with things we did yesterday.

Of course I love McRuffy Math, so I'll go with that first. After dinner I had a math session with Ethan.

Look how hard his little brain is working.

And just because he's so cute!

Here he is using the numberline to help him figure out the answer to his addition problems.

He also worked with clocks and pattern blocks. He completed two lessons.

In the evening it was just Annette, Ethan, Lance and myself. Lupe and the boys were at church.

We had a nice bowl of ice cream and made lots of paper airplanes while they were gone.

Here is one that we made.


This morning I took my vitamins.

The green ones are Supermom vitamins, light brown ones to the left are Bee Pollen, the two brown & white color ones are B vitamins (my MIL buys them for me) and the big one on the right is Fish Oil.
Between the Bee Pollen and Vitamin B I alternate. One day I take the Bee Pollen the next day I take the Vitamin B. The Supermom ones are really gross. I ask the children, "Why do I take my Supermom vitamins?" and the children all answer, "Because you love us so much!"

My husband is working on the outside of our house but he's not done yet. Some bees thought they would move in.

My husband doesn't want to kill them, so we are going to call a bee expert person.  I thought he was just going to spray them but to my surprise my sweet hubby said, "I don't want to kill them, just get rid of them."

Today Ethan got 100% on his spelling test. He wanted me to take a picture and said to include his pencil.

I wrote his name in cursive for him per his request.

And boys will be boys.........here is Josh and Ethan.


  1. Do you notice a difference when you take the Supermom vitamins?

    How are they gross? Is it an after taste?

    Dee :)

  2. I feel a big difference. When I stop taking my Supermom vitamins I'm so tired and more grumpy.
    They have Barley Green and other green stuff that taste yucky. I usually take them with orange juice and that helps.