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Lots of Free Time

Now that school is out and we are only doing Math, Grammar & Spelling/Phonics with lots of reading my kids can be found around the house playing a lot with Legos or making forts or reading.

I walked passed my bedroom to find my oldest son enjoying a book that came in the mail today.

Josh is interested in the Norby series (thanks to his sweet Auntie Reff)
The original printing are out of print. The current printing of them have more modernized covers. Josh, prefers the originals like his auntie. So I found one at Amazon and surprised him with it.

See how happy he is. Handsome too.

Josh is growing up. He is 12yrs. old and his voice is changing.

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  1. Que Lindo! He is handsome! :)

    I'm having trouble because all my Josh wants to do is play video games, but he gets in little spurts of light work, so I suppose I should be happy with that.

    Adam on the other hand is finishing Algebra, doing light vocabulary, typing, and drawing because he wants to, but all of this takes him about 1 hour and then he has the rest of the day for leisure.

    Ah, those summer months. I'm cleaning, organizing, and relaxing. Also making my last minute purchases and working out the details of my next school year. :)

    Dee :)


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