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McRuffy Math Friday

Hope you all are not tired of my McRuffy Math week. I won't post so much next week. Now that we are having light or summer school I want to make myself accountable. It's way too easy to say, "Tomorrow."

Today I taught McRuffy 1st, 2nd and 3rd. Lance, is still learning his numbers and he was having so much fun playing that I didn't call him for his math session.

I started with Caleb. I know I have been mentioning this all week but so far, so easy with him. My goal with starting a level behind is to help him really see math. He knows how to to add and sub. well. He rarely misses a problem. He can do 362+195 or 33+62+99= same with subtraction. He knows place value, skip counting. He is my best skip counter here at Homeschooling6. He knows fractions.

Today we worked with the base ten rods, cubes and flats. He has used MUS Alpha and Beta so I probably should just move on but just in case I showed him addition with the flats and rods to make sure he understand the place value.

He completed two lessons today 8&9. I'm going to skip him ahead to lesson 15 on Monday. I might let him skip lessons here and there. In August McRuffy Press will have level 4 out. Hopefully Brian (the author of McRuffy material) will be able to continue one grade a year. McRuffy Math is suppose to go to level 6. I'm wondering if he will be able to finish one level a year considering he is also authoring the Language Arts and Science. We'll see. If we can't continue with McRuffy after level 4th I might go back to Math-U-See with Caleb. I still own all the rods, fraction overlays and the decimal thingy. I haven't sold them because I don't feel like our MUS days are over yet and there is no way I can afford to repurchase everything.


Brent completed two lessons today.

Lesson 9 consisted of fact review, and making a graph. He had fun with this. I put all the fruit cards in a bowl. He would pull one out and put a tally mark next to that fruit in his workbook. When done he made a graph of the fruit. I asked him questions like between the apples and oranges which had less.

His completed page. We forgot to total everything up.Ooops!

Lesson 10 he worked with tangrams. First he made a big fish. Then he made a horse, boat and I believe the last one is another fish. With the last one he had a hard time. He was getting frustrated so I helped him see that some of his triangles were the wrong way.


Lesson 8 Ethan, traced the numbers 54-60 and what number is less.

Lesson 9

Ethan, is learning to match the number to the names.

And that completes another week with McRuffy Math!

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