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McRuffy Math Thursday

Today I taught McRuffy Math 1st, 2nd & 3rd. I didn't get a session in with Lance yet. After nap we are going to play a game of Sorry and after that I'll have him practice counting to five and making numbers in the saltbox.

Caleb completed lessons 5, 6 & 7. He woke up about 6:00a.m. and did two math math pages and then we did a lesson together.
Lesson 5 & 6 dealt with fact review, find the sum and mark odd or even & place value.
Lesson 7 We used the base tens to 'see' regrouping.

He liked playing with the rods.

Below is a picture of the memory drills. The card with the numbers are what he writes in his math journal after I say them. The other is his visual picture card. He looks at it for 20 seconds then flips it over and draws it.


Brent completed two lessons today. Lesson 7 & 8. He reviewed his addition and subtraction, practiced more or less, practiced ordinal number and did some word problems. We also played a game. It wasn't scheduled in but Brent, had seen the game mat and asked to play it. It's not scheduled in until lesson 10 I think.

McRuffy's Market

We go around collecting money and buying fruit. Brent, finished first. Here is a picture of our shopping list.

With the game we used nickles and pennies, learning the value of those two coins. Brent, and I had fun. We would get excited every time we collected money or bought some fruit.

Here is a picture of the Response Book. Not sure if I posted one yet. I call out 8+3 and he writes the answer. He then flips the clear plastic sheet over and corrects his answers.


Ethan, completed lesson 7.

Today Ethan, got to work with tangrams. Although I have owned tangrams for years this is the first time he used them to copy designs.

In this picture he is holding his pirate shirt closed, so you all won't see his cute tummy.


And that was our McRuffy Thursday.

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  1. Linda, it looks like the kids are really enjoying their McRuffy math!


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