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McRuffy Wednesday

Today I had three math sessions. I taught K, 1st & 3rd. I still need to sit with Brent. Maybe after supper or nap.

I started with Ethan. He actually did two lessons today. Like with the rest of the boys some of it is review but I wanted to start them all a grade level behind to make sure they didn't miss anything.

Lesson 5 was real easy for him. I called out a number and he had to write it. He knows how to write most of his number. He did write 80 for 18 and 21 for 12.
Lesson 6 he used 9 counters to figure out what addend + addend=9. He did this with figuring out what added to 8, 7 & 6 as well. Here is a picture of his workbook page.

Ethan, doesn't look as excited as yesterday because he wanted to be done, so he could play with the bear counters.

I am using a math journal with Caleb. It's not mentioned in the teacher manual. I thought it would be nice to have one to record Memory Drill & Visual Memory Picture drill that he does. This helps build his memory skills. For the Memory Drills I read three sets of numbers. Caleb, waits until I am done reading the numbers, then he writes them. You can mix this up by having him look at the numbers or repeat the numbers. For the Picture Drill, I show him a picture and he draws it. He has to draw it exactly like the picture before he can move to the next picture.

Caleb, completed two more lessons today. We went over commutative property and used the counting bears to make groups to show multiplication. I think this is helping Caleb to better understand multiplication. He has memorized many of the multiplication facts but playing with the bears and putting them into groups is helping him to 'see' multiplication and this is why I'm having him play with little bears and review a whole level of math.

Here is one of his workbook page. His workbook page was done rather quickly but I did make sure he used the counting bears to work out the multiplication (even though he new the answers).

Lance and I had lots of fun today.

I had him practice counting to five again.
I placed the camera on the table to get this picture.

Then we practiced making numbers using the saltbox.

Number 2

Number 3

Number 5
He really worked hard on this number and with the number 2. He would study the number in his workbook before attempting to make it in the salt. He would also start the number, look at it in the workbook and continue. He wanted to make it right.

He was really proud of his numbers. The numbers 3 & 4 really came out nice.

He finished with a happy face!

He even did a workbook page. Yay!

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