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Yesterday I was looking over today's math lessons. Both Caleb & Brent have a lesson where they use the one inch cubes to solve a puzzle. I read the directions over and over but still couldn't figure it out. At night when all the kiddos were asleep I asked my Sweets to help me figure this out.

It took us a while but we mastered it. For those of you using McRuffy 2nd or 3rd grade math maybe this will help.

First you need a small square white paper to put the cube design on, you'll also use the one inch cubes. Secondly you will want to be eye-level with the cubes. What I did was sit on the floor with the workbook and placed the cubes on the kitchen table. I was at perfect eye level with seeing the designs.

Here is an example of some patterns from the 2nd grade book.

We'll concentrate on the easiest one.

See the first design from the left? Copy that one with your one inch cubes.

Then turn the paper to your left.

The cubes should look like this with only the green and red showing. The other colors hidden behind.

Now look at the second from the left design. Make the cubes look like that by pulling out the middle stack (purple & green). Don't push it to the front, just pull it out. Add an orange and blue cube. It should look like this.

Turn your paper to the left again.


Now to get this to look like the 3rd design place the extra purple cube in front of the green, a yellow on top of the purple, upfront put a yellow and red cubes.

Turn to the left again and it should look like the 4th design.

The top view.

And there you have it. Okay, it took me an hour to post this. I kept goofing and getting my pictures messed up. Hopefully it's correct ;0) because I'm too tired to go back and check right now but you get the idea.



  1. Linda, this math looks like so much fun! It probably would have taken me much longer to figure it out. You are doing a great job! I wish I would have started out with Mcruffy, I think Josh might have had a better base.

    Dee :)

  2. Thanks Dee :) now that I know how to make the designs I'm having fun. LOL. The kids are still like huh? But I'm going to show them again tonight. I think I'm having more fun. hee, hee.

  3. I'll have to remember to come here when we approach 2nd grade McRuffy...hehe!


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