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New Look

A few days ago, I did something to my blog. It had double layered background. So, I didn't want to ask my sweet, wonderful sister Cynthia (Cynce) who is very talented. She has done a wonderful job with my homeschoolblogger blog in the past. She has always helped with a very giving heart, so I though I would let her sit this one out.

I called on a sweet friend Tamara from Branch of Wisdom and she has been helping me get this blog looking nice. I love the whole coffee theme. Tamara, is still working on the sidebars and such, so you might see one thing here today and it maybe gone the next :)

Just giving everyone a heads up, with the happening here.



  1. It's very kind of your friend Tamara to assist you and the enhancements to your blog are looking good. You enjoy coffee so these cups of coffee and coffee beans make for a great background. The verse reference aligns nicely with your theme.

  2. Hi, Dear,

    Thanks for visiting my blog :)

    Yes, Tamara has done a wonderful job. I really like the new look!

  3. I love your new look! Very cute! Thanks for the kind words and encouragement bout ACE. I've received some not so great ones simply based on our choice of curriculum. Some homeschoolers can be so cruel especially shocking when one is professing Christ. Anyway, thanks for stopping by as always! :-)

  4. Tamara, great job! I love the new look.
    Linda, this is SO you ;) Now every time I see your blog I'm gonna want coffee!

  5. The new look is great! I like the coffee theme.

  6. Thank you ladies. If feels good to have my coffee theme back again =)


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