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On the Homefront

This morning I was walking down the hall and this freaked me out.

This is Annette's dress. Below we have a turbo fan blowing cool air into her room because we can't put an air conditioner in it. After I was done screaming everyone had a good laugh.

Last night I made some homemade laundry soap.

I purchase a little soap kit from Virginia Soaps and Scents. I have purchased homemade laundry soap from other companies but this one is my favorite. Once done making the liquid soap and it cools down it gels and separates a little. Others don't gel as nice and they separate a lot. I think the difference is the soap. Virginia Soaps uses a Lard based soap where other companies use plant oils or something. Annette, cut herself on a nail. The nail didn't go too deep but it did scratch her leg. Thankfully she was wearing jeans. She did get some blood on her pants. I forgot about her pants until four days later. I thought for sure that it would stain since the blood had been sitting there for four days but thought I would try to get the blood out still. I soaked the area and drenched it with the laundry soap, scrubbed and it came out. No blood stain. Yeah!

I was taking a picture and Brent was in the back ground. The juice has arms.

While eating our chicken nuggets we all were making up different stories about our 'spy' juice box or bag. Not sure what you call this one. Anyway, I said the juice box was really a lazer that cut through chains. If you are captured you can act like you are drinking some juice but you are really escaping.
Josh, turned his juice box on it's side and pulled the straw out to turn it into a gun. Brent's idea, to squirt the liquid on someone and they faint.

I told Josh, "You guys, one month it's army, another survival or you kids are into spy stuff".
His reply, "We're boys mom".


  1. Cute juice box! I also sort of thought I was seeing a little one hanging in the doorway at first...whew! hehe!

    We dropped Horizons today and really enjoyed some math together. Our McRuffy is due on Monday, so I'm going to start officially on Monday. In the meantime, I took your idea with the salt tray (we used corn meal) and had so much fun with some teddy bear counters and writing in corn meal. Certainly will be a better year with more hands-on fun. I took some pictures that I will post in my weekly wrap-up on Saturday.


  2. Tamara, you made me laugh about seeing a little one hanging in the doorway. LOL.
    I can't wait to see the pictures. I'm really excited about our McRuffy year too. I love teaching my dc but this is the firs time I am really enjoying math time.


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