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Outside Learning

Just so you all don't think we only do McRuffy Math here I thought I would share about a new pet the children found.

They found this little guy yesterday and have been hand feeding it sugar water. To learn more about their little pet they hit the books. Annette, is reading about butterflies.

They made it a house.

The butterfly has damaged wings, so he can't fly very far. Today they took the butterfly out for fresh air. The let him flutter around for a bit before bringing him back inside.

The children have also planted some beans. Annette & Brent are trying to figure out an irrigation system. This past week they made a trench with this.

Once done they tried lining it with foil and putting rocks in it.

Add the water.

They wanted to see how well this worked before digging and branching out to the plants. They made a little dam too.

Ethan, has been catching lots of lizards. He brought one in the house yesterday. It was in a container without the lid. I told him to get the lizard out of here. Normally I don't mind his lizard friends but the container MUST have a lid. On his way out he tripped and dropped the container in Joshua's room. Dad had to come in and help catch it. It was a little thing but still, it doesn't change that it's a lizard.

We have tried to start a fire with flint. That was fun. I did get one going but it went out.

Annette, took this picture of the boys. If only it wasn't blurry. I thought it came out really good.

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