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Saxon Phonics Intervention

I can't sleep, so here I am. Since I'm awake I was thinking about spelling for Josh. I wondering if I should use Saxon Phonics Intervention instead of accelerating Phonics Road with him. My thoughts are; Saxon Phonics Intervention is a one year program. Phonics Road will take two years and I so want to be done with this. I tried it a few years back and he really liked it. I quit using it though because that was when I was so tired. Lance, was two and Ethan was a very active three year old.
Now that I'm not so tired (just very busy with six children 'in' school now).
My only problem is I gave it away. I don't mind purchasing it again, Josh is worth it. He is the most expensive homeschooled child of my six.
Like a friend of mine said, "The first child is the guinea pig." poor thing.
I've been praying about it. Either way he'll have a good foundation.

With math, for now, I stopped his lessons. He's a bit discouraged with how much he misses. We are going to just drill his multiplication and division facts. He know most of them, so that's a good thing. My in-laws will be coming from California for a visit. I don't think Josh, will want to do math while they are her, so in July I'll have him start math back up, but not with Saxon. From his lessons I'm seeing what he needs to spend more time and practice on. We will work on those areas. In the fall (either Sept. or Oct) we'll start back with Saxon. I think he just needs a break and if we can spend time on the areas he's having trouble with, I think it'll boost his confidence.

Summer is going by so fast or at least it seems too in my head. June is not even over and I'm acting like we are at the end of July. I guess because I have so much I want to do this summer. Besides schooling my own children, I will start tutoring my just turned 8yr. old nephew. More on that later.

So those are my thoughts for today.......


  1. Oh Linda, I know it's so difficult to make these decisions. I think that people that don't homeschool don't really understand how much we deal with when it comes to decision making, and it's all in love for our children, but it sometimes turns to stressful moments. I will lift you up with me that God make all decision making completely clear to us and give us peace.

    Many Blessings,


    ps I'll email you. ;)

  2. Thank you Dee. I have been meaning to email you too. Some of the items in the goody box I might use with my dad =) I'll try to get an email out on Monday or tonight.
    Lupe & I are going out to dinner later. My dad offered to watch the children.


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