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Starting Week Four (Summer School)

 We didn't have school today instead we cleaned the house really good. Got rid of those dust bunnies. My dad came by about 11:30 a.m. He brought the children some fresh bread and of course sweet bread as well. Caleb, made him and my brother some hot sub sandwiches. Then they all headed to the living room to watch The 7th Voyage of Sinbad (1958). Love the cyclops, he so fake looking (just the way we like it though).
So, here is how they all left the table. Grandpa, Uncle, and my six little hearts.

Bags of chips, half eaten mango, cups and mugs, Spanish sweet bread, I think the children did take their plates.

Here is how I found Annette this morning.

We did get some Science in.

A Cicada shedding its skin.

Right now my Sweets is fixing a window. Josh and his brothers were having a pillow fight. Josh fell against the window and broke it. Thankfully the blinds were down so nothing happened to him. Lupe had planned to work on the downstairs apartment but he is now fixing the window instead. 


  1. That sounds to me like the best school day ever. You cleaned the house--team effort (gym, organization, life skills), you got the best picture of a cicada shedding its skin (science), and Annette is reading the Word of God! I need to have more school days that are orchestrated by God, and not by me! ;)

    Many Blessings!!!

    Dee :)

  2. Oh, and I forgot the movie which could count as fine arts, history, and a few other categories...;P

  3. Like you thinking, Dee :) I guess the pillow fighting can count as P.E. too ;)


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