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Summer Days

I started taking my vitamins a few weeks ago (not consistently though) and I'm still so tired. I have added Berry Well to the mix again because I need energy! I mix it with some lemonade and yummy. I should just drink from the bottle, maybe that will get me going.

The children have been playing computer games at Cool Math Games. I let one child per day play for a hour and on Saturday they all can have 20 minutes. I figure it's summer time the children can use a little fun, especially since its been 100 degrees around here.

Speaking of degrees. Joshua and Brent camped outside during nap. They made a shelter and stayed out in the heat for two hours. As Brent was making his shelter he stepped on a dead branch that had thorns. He said it hurt so bad. He came in with a bloody foot. I cleaned it up and he hopped outside to finish his shelter.

I made sure they had lots of water. I didn't want them to stay out in the the backyard at first. Not only because it was hot but the yard is not fenced in. Finally I agreed. They said Lewis and Clark were not fenced in and camped in the heat. I said a little prayer and peeked out the window every-so-often to check on them.

Annette, did some grammar today. When she doesn't want to do something her work is sloppy.
She is also getting lazy with her math.

We also did a little bit of Science, using The Magic School Bus.


The Scientist.

We are going to study germs.

Ethan, completed a phonics lesson. Caleb & Brent completed two math lessons. Josh, is still on math-vacation but will start back up next week.

My dear hubby, is working hard on the back apartment. I still need to clean the bottom one that we lived in for nine months. Lupe, still needs to put all his tools away. Once he does that, the kids and I will go in and clean it.

Brent's foot is still sore from the thorns he stepped on earlier today.

Here is how I felt today (I actually like this little guy).

I took two naps today.


  1. Linda, it sounds like you are fatigued and needing a break--you work so hard. Maybe it's time to put the books away for a bit and just take in some of God's rest.

    I already shared with you what I experience in the way of fatigue and the body is funny in the way that when it needs rest, it will scream out for it by making you very, very, tired.

    Praying you find rest! Bake some goodies with the children, sleep in for a few days! Take a few days where nothing is expected of you in the way of homeschooling, or major physical cleaning, and then come back super slowly. Only have the kids do math and then send them off to read and explore...I don't want you to get sick!

    12:12 And further, by these, my son, be admonished: of making many books [there is] no end; and much study [is] a weariness of the flesh.

    Dee :)

  2. Thanks Dee, today was really relaxing. I almost did no schooling and had fun making some homemade pizzas =)

  3. Yay! The pizzas looked soooo good! I love pizza and Josh could literally have pizza every day of the week. We've never made them at home...now you've given me some wonderful summer cooking and baking plans. ;)

    Dee :)

    Keep resting!!! That's an order! ;)


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