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Testing One of My Old Sites

I forgot I had made a few sites for Ethan, Brent and Lance when they were younger. It's been about four years since I have updated anything and looking at my guys so little has been fun.

Click on this LINK (let me know if it works by leaving a comment please) and go to Lance's photos, the first one at the top and you'll see him wearing his cute cloth diapers. Oh, I miss those days. I loved using cloth diapers. I actually liked to change my babies diapers.


  1. Ahh...so cute! Yes, I love cloth diapers, too. Sadly, I haven't been using them :( I need to get back into using them while I still can.

  2. So cute :) They grow up so fast :(

    I also wanted to tell ya, the year we used Latin Road we really enjoyed it. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to continue using it because at the time I was having to devote all of my energy to helping my youngest son learn to read (Praise the Lord, he reads beautifully now and actually enjoys it :)

  3. Thanks, Kristi, I'm really looking forward to starting The Latin Road the year after this. I want Josh and Annette to have a better grammar foundation before starting it.
    I know what you mean about devoting time to teaching the younger ones. I still have two more.Hopefully I can get them reading before we start Latin Road.

  4. I love the pics of Lance in the cloth diapers. I was cloth diaper crazed with Mr. Fix-It and with Paya, but I haven't been as good as using them with the new babe. I have enough trouble getting regular laundry done, let alone diapers, too!! Were you on the diaperpin message boards? I wonder if we ran into each other then, too. Take care, mama!!


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