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Things to do Before Next School Year

I'm trying to get organized for our upcoming school year. I know summer has just began but I'm planning now because my Sister-in-law, her husband and their four children will be here next week. They are staying in the back apartment for the summer. You know how busy it gets when family is around (I don't mean that in a negative) so, I want most of my ducks in a row as they say before they get here. My only setback is I can only purchase one thing at a time. I'm impatient. I want everything now so I can organize it and feel DONE!

Here is a list of what I need. These are the bigger items.
That's my list for the big ticket items.

The smaller stuff:
  1. Weekly Lesson Planners one for Annette, Josh, Caleb & Brent
  2. Teacher Planner This is where I'll keep Lance & Ethan's daily plans as well as reminders of what I need to do with the older children. 
  3. Handwriting Books for Lance, Ethan, Caleb, Brent & Annette
  4. Extra workbooks
  5. Science Roots
  6. Jashub's Journal
  7. Letters from Egypt
Notebooks, highlighters tape, tabs, file folders, Manila folders, and other little office supply things. There are a few books that I would like to have copied and bound at BestValueCopies.

I am also trying to figure out how to organize all six kids schooling. I am thinking of using a filing system. One thought is to take the worksheets out of the workbooks and put them in a file folder for that week. Make 36 file folders, one for each week. The only problem I see with this is it's time consuming and the older children don't have as many consumable workbooks.

Another idea is to put the weeks worth of work a 1/2 inch binder. Once done transfer it to a finished binder (3inch).

I can also get a tote for each child (I have some that I can use) and put all their workbooks that are not consumable along with a weekly folder that will hold their ripped out workbook pages.

I might use the file folder idea for the two younger ones. The four older maybe a tote.

Once I figure it out I'll post some pics.

One last thing, to save money I might go ahead and use Oak Meadow 5 with Annette. I already own it. All American History is another thing I would have to purchase, so I'm not sure about it now.


  1. Looks like some good, well-thought out plans ahead.

    BTW, about the Bible 90-day Challenge...I don't think I will be participating the chats and tweets. I really don't think I'll have the time.

    Hugs, Tamara

  2. Bestvaluecopies does not have good customer service. I recv. a book all bent up from not being packaged nicely. I called, no answer. Not even an answering machine. I emailed them and haven't recv. any response =(